Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage

Deep tissue and therapeutic massage is a technique that relies on specific knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

This type of massage doesn’t always mean firmer pressure, rather it is meant to be focused work on a specific area or structure of the body to help relieve a particular dysfunction.   The dysfunction can vary from client to client but some examples are pain, limited mobility, stiffness/tightness, or a number of other chronic issues.  In a deep tissue massage both the target area, as well as, peripheral areas are address to help relieve the primary issue and help reintegrate the area.  Deep tissue massage focuses on muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia primarily.

Stephen performing a Deep Tissue massage in his Washington DC studio

The way that I approach this style of massage is to work with your body rather than against it.  What this can mean is that even though more pressure may be desired there comes a point when if I apply more pressure your body will start to “push back” and tighten up further.  I work in a layering approach to get the deepest work possible done.  I want and encourage the body to relax, which will allow me to work deeper into the affected muscle(s) or structure of the body.